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Investing in Shoes – Part II

Investing in shoes can be quite stressful. What to buy, how much to spend and then the big question…“Will I wear these shoes enough to justify an investment?” Some cultures ...
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Shoe Shame

Have you ever been shoe shamed? You know, judged for your love or purchase of shoes? This is real It can happen in a couple of formats. The old school ...
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We have a winner….

First shoe to arrive…and the winner is… Remember the blog (haven’t read it, click here) where I tested out multiple online shoe stores? Last Thursday, I purchased shoes from ...
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Investing in Shoes

In today’s economy, knowing what to invest in can be complicated, overwhelming, and downright confusing. When given the choice between a 2030, 2040 and 2050 mutual fund, what to choose? ...
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Online Shoe Shopping = Heaven

One of my absolute favorite topics…ever. Online shopping. Seriously. Give me any site that you may have shopped on before, and I have been there. I have perused, bought, lusted ...
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Shoe Selfies

It’s hard to tweet, ‘gram or facebook any more without seeing selfies. In fact, just this morning (while trying to get actual news on tv) I was forced to watch ...
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Sweating in Style

As the NFL season kicks off, I can’t help but get excited to break out new bedazzled Broncos gear, and come up with any excuse to wear workout clothes when ...
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Incentives Part II

Some things never change…For those of you who are like me, incentives can be a powerful thing. Whether it is starting a new project, hitting a life goal, accomplishing something ...
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