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Boooooo-tiful Shoes

In the spirit of dressing up for Halloween…let’s not forget the most important accessory, the shoe. Here are a couple of fun shoes to spice up your costume or wardrobe ...
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Online Shopping – A Click and a Box

Oh, the feeling. Waking up early on a Saturday morning. Cup of coffee in hand…mind fresh, and fingers and wrists ready to go. You open your computer screen while sitting ...
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Brick and Mortar Shopping – Outlets

Shopping in stores has pros and cons. Pros are: In person – you try on the shoe in person, and see the color, feel the fit. Immediately, you know if ...
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Brick and Mortar Shoe Shopping

Here we go…stepping into an actual brick and mortar store. I have my list: Now, it’s time to execute. I pick two stores, Target and Macy’s. Macy’s first. I have ...
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Offline vs Online Shopping

Now, your shoe shopping strategy should be in place. I prefer writing down a list on paper prior to entering the store, or pressing the power button on my computer. ...
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Shoe Strategy

strat·e·gy: a careful plan or method for achieving a particular goal. Strategy is important because the resources available to achieve these goals are usually limited. Shoe strat·e·gy: a careful plan or method to ...
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Shoe Genes

Nope. That’s not a mistake. I said “Shoe Genes”…not shoe jeans. Although, that could be a really good shoe blog. I don’t own a pair of denim shoes….but I never ...
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The Thrill of the Hunt

You know that feeling….the feeling where you find that special shoe in the sale section? Your heart races and you move quickly to the sale rack. You look right, then ...
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Slipping Into Fall…

Oh, Fall. You snuck up on me again this year.  I was enjoying the warm long days of summer, fresh fruit, cutoff denim shorts and any excuse to eat outside. ...
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