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To Shop…or Not…That is the Question

Black Friday. Oh how I await your arrival, yet dread the actual day. I LOVE a good deal. Free dog reindeer antlers, yes please. 60% off at your favorite clothing ...
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It’s Raining, It’s Snowing

As the weather cools off, many of us are experiencing rain or snow. And, no one wants to ruin their pretty little Manolo’s in the rain. So, how to stay ...
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Clearly, It’s a Trend

Clear shoes….done well, stunning. Done poorly, your feet look cheap. And if your feet look cheap… So how much clear is enough? And what is that clear stuff even made ...
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The Classics

The classics…black and white. Movies, pictures…shoes.I remember once at an early age in school where we had to name our favorite color. I listed black, naturally. A friend looked over ...
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The Big Leagues – eBay Shopping

Warning…..this post is not for amateurs. This post is for those that want to take shoe shopping to the next level…the eBay level. If you are still here, then you ...
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How High?

During a recent work trip, I pondered the thought…how high is too high for shoes? For several years, I pushed the boundaries on shoe height, and always got comments from ...
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