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2013 Hit List

And yes…another list for the end of 2013. But hey – who doesn’t love looking at shoes?  These are my favorites that made the 2013 Hit ...
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A Christmas Wish to Santa

Dearest Santa: It’s Christmas Eve, and soon you’ll be Flying over my house, full of glee All the boys and girls will be sleeping tight With hopes of barbies and ...
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It’s Not Too Late

You’ve been running around, buying groceries, baking cookies and getting your house together for the family get-together. But, there is always that one last gift you should have got, but ...
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Hallelujah. Hallelujah. It’s a SHOE MIRACLE!

Oh yes, the shoe miracle is here. Just today I was questioned on the height of my shoe, and my ability to walk more than 5 blocks in my heels. ...
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If Shoes Could Talk….One Night at the Chateau

I know it sounds crazy, but shoes speak to me. As soon as we meet eyes and I touch their leather upper, my sixth sense kicks in and I instantly ...
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Baby It’s Cold Outside

Ahhhh, Christmas. How did Thanksgiving end so soon, and Christmas sneak upon us so quickly. I happen to love Christmas. The trees, the decorations and really any excuse to don ...
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Men, Hide the Credit Cards and Freeze the Accounts: The Hit List – Black Friday Standouts

I know, I know. I bragged about how I don’t shop on Black Friday. But, I do online shop, and last Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday was no exception. (You are welcome Mr. Fed ...
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