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Ok, It’s Time to Shop

I know, I know. I have preached for several months about not letting sales cloud your shoe shopping judgment. BUT, I must admit, the 20-30% off (everything) at ShopBop has ...
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Tee Time – Golf, and the Influence on Shoes

Recently, I found myself watching golf when nothing else was on tv. Sure, I was headed for a nap, but I thought about the simplicity of the objects associated with ...
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Spring Has Sprung

With spring on the horizon, my attention has shifted to spring, warm weather, light colors and sandals. I love the juxtaposition of two colors that are adjacent on the color ...
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Shoes to Get You Over the Hump

Happy Wednesday! I recently ran across these shoes, and thought, “I must have these.” But, I then realized that there has recently been an influx of shoes, with very little ...
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Fringe and Boots

With just another month left of boot season, it’s time to get maximum wear. And, with Valentino bringing in some of the hottest fringe bags of the season, what better ...
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Shoe of the Month – Love it or Hate It?

I am, myself, a lover and hater of Prada shoes. Sometimes, it’s an admiration or confusion from afar, as my pocketbook can’t typically handle the price of their shoes. And, ...
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You are on a deserted island…

So yes, it happens to be Valentine’s day…but if you were secluded on a desert island…what’s your top three?? Valentine’s day, or any other, these are my top three must ...
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Running Around the World

I have to admit, running in airports in not my favorite thing to do. But, it happens. Sometimes, the fault is your own, and other times your fate is in ...
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50% Off… How Sales Can Actually RUIN Your Closet

No matter the shop or the country, a big bright “sale” sign always gets my blood pumping. That thrill that the perfect pair of shoes is inside the store for ...
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