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Peacocks and Pumps

Peacocks  – a beautifully colored bird, known for their bright and iridescent tails. The tail feathers and the colorful eye are really the functional part of the bird, and what ...
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Cowboy Boot Splurge – Part 2

Ready to make an investment in some of the most comfortable boots you will ever wear? Then go no further than the Lucchese brand of boots. I have personally owned ...
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Cowboy Boot Basics – Part 1

Are you a cowboy boot newbies?? If you are a beginner boot buyer, there are a few simple steps that can ensure a perfect boot selection. I take you through the ...
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Boots & Spurs

Although I have a deep love for outrageous stilettos and sandals, one of my true love’s remains the cowboy boot.  Functional, comfortable, and a great compliment to jeans and skirts, ...
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In My Easter Basket…

Happy Easter weekend to everyone! As I trolled through the grocery store, I admit that I was lured into the candy isle. Three bags of candy later….I realized that what ...
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Dali – ance

 You know, the best part of a vacation is forgetting where you are, and wandering through a foreign city without pressure of time and expectations…a dalliance.If you ever find yourself ...
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There’s More to Life Than Shoes….or so I am told

No, this isn’t a shoe intervention. My close friends haven’t come over and sat me down to shame me about my shoe closet. The UPS guy hasn’t given me the ...
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Isabel Marant…You Get Me…

Isabel Marant is one of my favorite designers. She combines Parisian chic with a hint of nonchalance – and her shoes are some of my favorite for combining style and ...
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Top Four Vacay Detox Tips

Oh vacation – how I love you during, but dread your end. For some people, vacation is a relaxing blissful time – where you exercise every day and eat healthier ...
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Oh, the Places You’ll Go. Valentino + Dr. Suess

When I face challenges, I typically face them with two things. Books and shoes. Books can be a guidepost – a different perspective when you are stuck or looking for ...
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