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Stilettos and Stems – the Mariposa Cocktail

Guest Blog – by Veronica Shah Why pair high heels with cocktails?  Laundress, chauffeur, school volunteer, school party shopper, gift buyer, child supervisor, house administrator, appointment scheduler, child dresser, calls-from-the-principal ...
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Making a Comeback…Panama Hats

The unofficial start of summer has begun, and warmer weather has begun turning up in most parts of the country. And while I love to sit in the sun as ...
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Stilettos and Stems….New Monthly Column

Hello Thursday….glad you are finally here. And what better way to slip into a three day weekend with the announcement of a new monthly installment…..Stilettos and Stems!! (Sophia Webster Shoes ...
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Material Things

It was 10:40 am, and I was driving home from a quick 15 minute errand to grab band-aids. I had missed a call from my husband, and as I was ...
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The Hunt is OVER…your best cut offs are HERE

If you’re like me, you love when the weather gets warm, and the easy summer clothing sets in. One of my my staple items are blue jean cut offs, and ...
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Line I Love…Soludos

With temperatures in the 80’s last week, I was reminded of the dog days of summer….no makeup…rolling away from the beach with sun-kissed hair, and wearing cutoffs and comfortable shoes. ...
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Men, Your Feet Haven’t Been Forgotten…Cowboy Boots for Men – Part 3

Men, this post is for you. And, since it is for you, I am going to skip the fashion-talk and get down to business. Listen to me…you need a pair ...
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