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And Your Boxed Wine Winner Is…….

So, you’ve decided to save money on wine in order to save up on shoes?? That means you have found yourself perusing the wine section with a crumpled $20 bill, ...
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Shoes OR Wine (Yes, that’s OR not AND)

Picking shoes OR wine. That’s right….I said OR and not AND. WHY??? Seriously…why would I ever make someone pick between two of my favorite things in the world. Well, sometimes, ...
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Namaste in Style

Namaste. You, getting your zen on in style. As yoga becomes more and more popular (think hot, fusion, flow, ashtanga, ariel) – you have probably tried it out once, or ...
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Stems and Stilettos – Jimmy Choos and the Blue Medusa

Just in time for the 4th of July, our guest editor Veronica Shah brings you another installment of stilettos and stems. Because…what’s better than an amazing cocktail and high heels?? ...
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My 4th of July Favs

With the U.S.A. out of the World Cup, it’s now time to turn to one of my favorite holidays! Here are my 4th of July favs: Clockwise from Right// Pottery ...
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