‘Tis the Season

With turkey in the rear view mirror, it’s now time to get the tree, and play Mariah Carey’s Christmas album on continuous loop. This is by far, my favorite holiday, ...
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thanksgiving sales

Ladies…put down the turkey and open your computer….the SALES have begun

Yes, you heard me. The same commentator who told you that Black Friday was over…   But, Black Friday is over. The best of online sales have started, and there ...
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Black Friday

Is Black Friday Over?

Remember the good old days…when you actually looked forward to that after Thanksgiving shopping spree? You went to bed early the night before – saving up your mental and physical ...
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IMG_0316 2

The Launch

A bit over a week has passed since the blog launch party and I am finally getting around to posting pictures from the event. The guests are gone…champagne has been ...
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Cha Cha Living Launch Party

Just a sneak peek at the blog launch from last night. Lot’s of great food, wine, company…and shoes! More pictures to ...
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Halloween Favs

Halloween is by far one of my favorite holidays of the year. The weather starts to cool down and nights start to have a crispness in the air. And then ...
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My 4th of July Favs

With the U.S.A. out of the World Cup, it’s now time to turn to one of my favorite holidays! Here are my 4th of July favs: Clockwise from Right// Pottery ...
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Selling Your Stuff – the good, the bad and the ugly of consignment

We have all been there – you buy something, it sits in your closet, and sits. Every time you walk into the closet you are reminded of a bad purchasing ...
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Antiquing – the Art of Sifting Through Old Stuff is Making a Comeback

Antiquing is making a comeback – and I am leading the charge. Stop the eye rolling and judging of my geriatric shopping habits – antiquing is fun. I swear.Case in ...
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Tee Time – Golf, and the Influence on Shoes

Recently, I found myself watching golf when nothing else was on tv. Sure, I was headed for a nap, but I thought about the simplicity of the objects associated with ...
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